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Monday, June 29, 2015

Miami Tribe Powwow

I had a great time at the outdoor art show at the Miami Tribe Powwow in Miami, Oklahoma this weekend.  And for those of you who are not from is not pronounced like the city in Florida.  Here both the city and the tribe, Miami, is pronounced: my-yam-muh.

 I meant to take pictures but was very busy most of the time and I only managed to get the one above.  I sold this turtle drawing to a happy customer!  

I met folks from several tribes, states, and countries who came to Miami just for this event!  Everyone seemed so happy and it lifted my spirits that were a little low at the beginning of the event!!!

I'm thrilled to report that the children I met at the show were amazing.  They were well-behaved, appreciative of the art, slow to touch, and delightful conversationalists. 

Tabby, who had the sweetest spirit, and Cheyenne, the Miami princess, helped me unload my art from the car. Later Tabby braided my hair and shared some family history...Did you know that in the Miami tribe there are no cousins?  They consider each other sisters.

David was the grandson of one of the vendors,   Sorry to say that I did not make it over to her booth to tell her what a wonderful impression he made.  He was about 13 and shows promise for becoming an artist some day.   This handsome boy was kind, considerate, and smart! He even offered to find supplies for me along the riverbank! 

  One particular six year old,  Joslyn, watched me beading the wire end of my Fancy Feathers.  She was very patient and quiet...and then softly said, "I would like to make one of those."  There was such tenderness in that little voice.  I let her bead one of my paper feather creations, and her great grandmother decided to buy it for her.  It was not my intention to make a sale by showing the child how to place beads on a wire, but that act brought the sale of two more older children in the family who wanted to bead their own paper Fancy Feathers....all sweet beautiful kids.  

And I am not sure, but I think the lady who came up and bought 5 Fancy Feathers from my table was also a relative.  It pays to be nice to children!  

But be nice to them because they are our future, not for a sale!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Birdhouse Follow-Up

Remember the Steampunk Birdhouse that I made to donate to Habitat for Humanity's Silent Auction?  Just as a reminder, here is my donation:

Time Flies Steampunk by Linda Ann Smitth

The auction was a very successful fundraiser.  I want to share the variety that artists submitted for this worthy cause.  So take a look!

Crocheted Birdhouse by Tonya Smith

Handmade Clay by Misty Hendrix

Longbranch Saloon by Jerry Carlson

Swirls by Tana Washington

Spread Your Wings with Copper Roof by Tonya Smith

Flower Power with button roof by JoAnn DeShong

Climbing Flowers by Paula Hefley

S E Eagle by Kim Foster

Copper Flowers by Josh Bell

Whimsical Cats by JoAnn DeShong

Woodland by Jeff Polaseh

OU by Mary Horsechief

Trailing Flowers by E J Berry

Sequoyah by Mary Horsechief

Wood Nips by Jerry Carlson

Flowery Night Light by Virginia Stroud

Greedy Birds by Cat Lamb

I did not capture the name of this artist but it is a beautiful woodburned  Native American style birdhouse with a hummingbird on front.

Monday, June 15, 2015

From Can to Carousel-A Colour Arte Design Team Project


For today's ColourArte Design Team project, I altered this can and turned it into a shimmering Carousel.  

Traced a chipboard design from Gina's Designs on the top...

And painted horses with Radiant Gels, Primary Elements and Silks

See the full tutorial here:  ColourArte Design Team Project

Watch the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

 Click here to watch video!

And check back soon...I will be posting more often in the future!

Monday, June 1, 2015

NOT your Everyday Birds! :-) A ColourArte Tutorial

It annoys me that people carelessly discard their garbage across our country.  I often reclaim abandoned car hoods, children's rusty bed headboards, old pieces of tires, broken glass, and anything I can remove from the environment that clutters our land to tote home. In my studio I bend, twist, glue, melt,  paint and manipulate the found objects into art pieces.  Studio A B See is always full of objects awaiting their transformation.  

The point is that it is a rare ocassion when  I buy something to alter.  This was an exception.  This book flew off the shelf, grabbed me, and begged me for a  new beginning!  I spent a whole $.25, a quarter of a dollar!, to free it from its dusty home in an antique shop.

Inside the book I found a familiar scene from my childhood . . . an abundance of blank space around text and a seriouos lack of color!


I have altered many pages from the book using ColourArte paints, including Twinkling H20's, Radiant Gels, Radiant Rains, and Silk Acrylic Glazes.  The unending shimmer of these paints is almost impossible to capture on camera, but in real life the pages below almost glow!

There are many more BEFORE and AFTER pages of the book in the video below.  I hope you will view it and give it a thumbs up.  I would also like to invite you to subscribe to my youtube channel while  you are there!


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