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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Stretch Paint!; Minimize Inner Critic!

Not sure that I would call this a finished canvas but I enjoyed the journey and will return to it later to decide.  My main focus was to show how to stretch your paint dollar, but as an added reward I found myself quieting my inner critic!
See the video and details on the ColourArte link at the end of this post.

Above:  Real Feathers on Canvas Background

Below:  Canvas after Feathers were Misted with Radiant Gels and Removed.

If you watched my video about Fancy Paper Feathers on Youtube, you know that I misted real feathers with Radiant Gels on top of a canvas.  I rarely rinse a brush without brushing it across a canvas or paper to rid it of most of the paint. It just makes sense! I don't waste the paint.  I simultaneously create new backgrounds that I plan to use at a later date, and that is the case with this canvas that was created when I misted those feathers.   I also save the paper towels where I clean brushes or lift paint.  They make awesome additions for collage work.

See how I created this canvas at on a project that I titled Stretch Paint!; Minimize Inner Critic

Friday, May 15, 2015


ENCHANTED     Mixed Media on Canvas

A new box of goodies from the magical land of   appeared on my porch yesterday.
I think my Fairy Paint Mother delivered it!

 Most of you are probably aware that I am one of the very first members of the ColourArte design team.  (And very proud of that!)  :-)

Yesterday was my first experience with powdered pigments that I mix myself to make my paints.  Once I started, it was so difficult to quit.  You can mix Primary Elements with any water soluable liquid to turn it into a liquid paint form.  I played with water for a bit to make watercolors.

 Just so happens that I had some Mod Podge on my studio desk when these arrived.   So I spent the rest of the day, into the night experiementing with Primary Elements, Mod Podge, and water.  This composition "magically" appeared over an old canvas that I did not like and painted under.  I think I will keep it now!

As I painted I kept thinking, I should take some photos as I go, but I could not break myself from its mystic spell long enough to do so.

Needless to say, Primary Elements will become one of my staples in the studio, and I haven't even touched the surface of what they can do.

Oh my goodness.....I LOVE these shimmery, and I can control the intensity!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My Mother...

Taking a break from my art today to pay a tribute to the most important female in my life.  This is my mother, a true redhead, with the kindest heart for children.

Recently our local newspaper asked on facebook who our favorite all time teacher 

was...Hands down, it was my mother, Lawanda Davis. She was my teacher before I 

ever entered a schoolroom. Long before she obtained her teaching degree to teach 

handicapped children (when we attended college side by side) my mother was my 

teacher as well as a teacher to the kids in our neighborhood. 

She was always doing little things for kids. She built forts with sheets under our 

dining table. Helped us set up lemonade stands and drink the leftover lemonade! 

Hosted Halloween parties, that still hear about when I meet up with old 

friends today. She helped kids do their homework at our house when she realized 

they had no help at home.  When neighborhood mothers 

wanted to take a nap or go shopping they sent their children to our house to "visit" 

because they knew my mom would watch after any child in her presence. 

I don't think my mother knew what a nap was and shopping was for milk and bread! 

I would often come home and find my friends with Mom 

because they had a problem they wanted to ask her about. That went on from 

childhood through adulthood, and particularly in college, when my friends faced 

things they did not even want to share with me. When I shared troubles or concerns 

with her, she would ask, "Do you want my help with this? or my opinion? or do you 

want me to just listen?" 

Often I said, "yes." and her advice and wisdome still rings in 

my ears today. If I declined her offer, she understood that I just needed a sounding 

board. You cannot imagine how much I want to talk with her, especially on days like 

today, I would sure like to have her here beside me, but she is still with me in my 

heart. She was the most awesome MOM ever. I know lots of people say that about 

their mothers, but I feel it every single day as I continue to hear the lessons she 

taught me. 

I love you and miss you more than you can know, my sweet "Monda."

Monday, May 4, 2015


This is a skull that I painted for a Keetoowah Cherokee Native American veteran.  The gentleman is one of several who serves as an honor guard for the Keetoowah Nation.  

I used mostly the colors from the Keetoowah flag. And I misted it with Radiant Gel Shimmering Mists from  Really added a nice little kick to the painting, though that never photographs well.  Wish you could see how much spark the Radiant Gel Pearl Mist  gave this skull.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Feather Flames Watercolor for ColourArte

Here is my next project for that will post on Monday, May 4, 2015.  It is called FEATHER FLAMES.  You will find a tutorial video there explaining how I drew and painted this watercolor.  I try to keep my tutorials short and to the point, so click on it and watch.  If you have any questions email me at

I had so much fun with Twinkling H2O's  from that I immediately placed another order so I can have more of these lovely shimmering watercolors.  One thing I like about them is that they are activated with water about 5 minutes before you use them, thus they are travel friendly!  No spills in the car!  That is an incredible PLUS for me.  I like to have easy access to my materials whether I am going across country or to a sporting event. Twinkling H2O's (sometimes referred to as "Twinks") are easy to carry, and I can choose my color scheme before I leave home eliminating extra bulk of unnecessary supplies.  LOVE 'EM!