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Gallery of Available works


24" x 12" Acrylic,  on canvas

This painting was inspired by art I viewed in Italy and by an Arabian horse that I loved.  I called her Lady Valentine, and I loved watching her run in the pasture even more than I enjoyed riding her.  This painting  of acrylic. iridescent paint, and ink
could be framed if desired, but it is painted on the sides and wall-ready.


16" x 20" Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas


In the center of the large feathers is a crest with the word "dupon", thus the title.The dupon paper
was acquired in Arrezzo, Italy on a shopping bag used to wrap a Christmas gift I purchased at a store there.  I suspect that dupon was the name of the store since no translation was readily available.   Mixed media found in this artwork includes acrylic, metallic paint, ink, paper, feathers, and pastels.The canvas is finished on the sides so while Dupon could be framed, it is not necessary

Love Lifted Me

16" x 24"  Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas

Look closely over the dove's head and you can read the words "Love Lifted Me," in the hymnbook collage.This song holds a special place in my heart.  As a young girl, I sang solos at church events while my favorite aunt played the piano.  This was the song most requested. and it always reminded me of  heavenly doves.  This work is finished on the edges and ready to hang or frame.


12" x 12" Mixed Media on Canvas

This heavily textured surface swirls the hint of the sea and includes a mixture of acrylic paint, hologram paper and glass pebbles.  Canvas is finished on the sides and ready to hang or frame.


14"  x 14" Mixed Media on Canvas

I have always been mesmorized by the movement of water.  Lakes near my home are beautiful, but I fell in love with the ocean during travels, and the sea is a recurring theme that flows through my art career.  This heavily textured work was executed with acrylic paint, glass pebbles, and gel medium.  It is finished on the edges of the canvas and ready to hang or frame.

Lift Up Your Eyes

16" x 24"  Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas


This Native American girl composition combines acrylic paint with ink, and colored pencils.   She was inspired by the beautiful and personable Navajo women  I met at their roadside kiosks in the Navajo Nation near the Grand Canyon.   They shared their dreams, remedies, and legends, and imprinted thrir my memory. The canvas edges are painted and ready to hang with or without a frame..

Tree of Life Collage

8"  x  18 " (plus 1" frame)     Mixed Media on Canvas

Ironically Tree of Life Collage was completed under the direction of  art professor, Dr. Andrew Zallar shortly before his sudden death in December, 2013...  "Andy" quickly became an inspiration and friend and I was highly honored when he nominated me to become a membt of Inspired Artists Society.  I looked forward to his continued encouragement, not knowing that our acquaintance would be so short. When Andy took his heavenly flight, he left a host of former student admirers who hope to make him proud
 of our continued endeavors in art.      
This black and white paper and ink framed collage is ready to hang.

Enjoying Spring

 16" x 24"  Acrylic and Gold Leaf on Canvas


Inspired by a lady in the park who could not wait to change clothes after work to enjoy the warmth of spring.  Off came her,  out came her book and she relaxed in the park absorbing the the moment.
This acrylic painting on canvas utilizes the warmth and richness of gold leafing 
on the edges of the woman's skirt.  The composition is on a side stapled canvas, sealed and ready to frame.

Heart Fairy

12" x 12"  Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas

This whimsy character would love to charm a special little girl who loves fairies and the color pink.  The canvas edges are painted and ready to hang or frame.


12" x 12"  Acrylic and Mixed Media on  Canvas


 Just two straight lines which cross each other, a simple design, but one that represents the  promise of faith and unconditional love.  
This dimensional diamond shaped work of paint and paper collage is sealed, finished on the edges of the canvas and ready to hang without a frame.


16" X 24"
Mixed Media on Canvas

My first experrience with pigments in powder form!  It will not be the last.  I am over the moon about Primary Elements from  This is was experiment to see how the colors mix and how to enhance a painting with various media.  I expect the magical fairies will arrive soon!